Pure SSD and 10Gbps fiber network Forced by a SAN Comprised of Enterprise

SSDs in Hardware RAID 10 with multiple catching devices and 10GBPS Fiber for communication, our Business platform accounts offer the best I/O Capacity on the market. Never suffer from slow read or write speed again.

Private IPs

Take control of your IPs with our new business platform. IPs are devoted to only your accounts grants you to customize DNS records and have a private mail server IP for increased mail reputation.

Enterprise Virtualization

KVM offers real hardware virtualization to your platform meaning increased scalability accuracy and customizability. Take full control of your virtual machine OS and Kernel.


Increased site Accuracy

Take advantage of dedicated mail sever IPs with improved reputation customizable DNS and full dedicated sever resources like CPU, RAM and Disk to increase you and your customers’ site and email accuracy.

Pre-Secured & Fully Managed

Weblook Business platform comes pre-secured and hardened against OS and Kernel susceptibility. Advantage of a greater level of security with Weblook Fully Managed Services and you’ve got a powerful web presence that will help boost your bottom line.

Industry leading control panel included

Advantage of the usability of the industry’s most popular web control Panel – c Panel / WHM to strap full control of your sites. C Panel/WHM offers powerful tools to help you perform essential task quickly easily and accuracy.

Value added Services Included

Weblook provides value added software and services at no additional cost. Use softaculous Auto installer to quickly install and maintain popular software scripts, WHMCS to manage your business support and accounting services.

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