Why weblook

Unlike the earlier days where people surfed the net only to get information, people have evolved and become completely enamoured by internet, to the extent of carrying out almost all day to day activities through net.In such an era, online users are more familiar with paying online when buying products, making hotel reservations and for many other online activities. So it has become a must to have an online payment gateway on your website or web application to collect the payments online.

It can be a tricky task for most of the web development companies out there, since it’s a critical process involving real money of customers. So it require greater skills and experience in the industry and relative area, to properly implement online payment gateways.

Our Quick and Simple Solutions

  • Content Management System

    Also if you are to develop a new web site or a web application with the Weblook CMS (you can choose to go ahead with the easy to use Weblook CMS or Any other common open source platform like WordPress or Joomla), Weblook CMS already has the built in support for all the major Sri Lankan and International Payment Gateways.

  • Quick Payments and Invoicing Solution

    We also have a readymade quick payments and invoicing solution, if you want to get payments online from your clients. With the ability to integrate with your existing website, you can start taking payments through your website in a matter of hours!

The Experience

Luckily we have both the talent and experience needed to successfully implement an Online Payment Gateway to your existing system or a new system.
For many years we have integrated Payment gateways with different banks and now we are able to support all major payment gateways for both Sri Lankan and international service providers.
Not to mention the great comradeship we’ve maintained over the years, will also benefit in getting your job done in a smooth process.

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