SmarterMail is the perfect e-mail server suitable for businesses of all sizes. With reduced maintenance costs, outstanding stability and lower hardware requirements, it is assured that your company will benefit from this Microsoft Exchange-level email and group chat for just a fraction of the cost!
SmarterMail will meet all your in-business communication needs as well as enhance productivity amongst employees. In addition to emails and group chats, it also offers team workspaces, shared calendars, notes, tasks and more while reducing spam as much as possible by achieving 97% protection out of the box.


- Create and manage all users, user groups, administrators and aliases.
- Manage mailing lists, subscribers, posting privileges, setting moderators and more.
- Events will allow you to stay updated on domain and user activity such as password change and which users are nearing their disk space limit.
- Manage auto-cleaning for users, such as automatic removal of junk mail.
- Share resources such as calendars and meeting schedules.
- Manage signatures so users can maintain consistent branding.
- Enable users to sync their emails with mobile synchronization.
- Modify the spam filtering to ensure your users get the least amount of spam as possible.
- Create and manage content filtering in order to set up how certain types of messages are handled for users.
- Review chat history of users to retrieve necessary information
- Use the settings to manage set up a domain-level footer, domain aliases and more!


- Send and receive e-mails with a user-friendly interface
- View important events such as scheduled meetings in the calendar
- Create and manage contacts
- Create and manage tasks to keep track of duties to be completed
- Create and manage notes
- Create and view shared notices and information in team workspaces
- Video chat
- White Board
- Group Chat
- Share and receive files
- View information such as disk space available and view reports detailing the contents of the e-mail inbox
- Sync across desktop and mobile devices

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